Our patron


Greetings, you who are highly favoured!
The Lord is with you.

In the gospels we are told that it was through Mary’s affirmation that “the Word was made flesh and lived among us.” She could have said “No” at any time – most of us would certainly have done so, given the situation in which Mary found herself.

However, her trust in God was complete. God’s angel greeted her as the one “full of grace” and “blessed amongst all women”. But that was only the beginning.

The gospels also tell us of Mary’s continued presence in the life of her dear Son – at the wedding in Cana, during His preaching ministry and, supremely, at the foot of Jesus’ cross – still faithful, still loving, despite the “sword that pierced her own soul” which had been prophesied more than thirty years before when Mary had taken Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem as a tiny baby.

From the cross, Jesus commended His Mother to the care of the Beloved Disciple; and likewise He commended the Beloved Disciple to the care of His Mother. We see the whole Church represented in the person of the Beloved Disciple: Jesus calls the whole Church to cherish Mary, and likewise entrusts the whole Church to Mary’s loving prayer.

Surely Jesus loved His Mother, as any child would? Surely He would wish to see her honoured? St John, in telling of the Revelations which he received, speaks of a woman crowned with the stars and with the moon under her feet. The Church has long since identified this woman with Mary, the one who supremely said “Yes” to God.

We honour Mary as the Mother of our Lord, and as someone who has a special place in the kingdom of God and amongst the people of God.