Remembrance Sunday – 13th November 2022


Remembrance Sunday – 13th November 2022

Published: 13th November, 2022

Dear friends,
This time last year a Russian build-up of forces along the Ukranian border had been underway for some time, and yet I don’t think there were many of us who expected that in 2022 we would be keeping Remembrance Sunday against the backdrop of a major European land war.  The events of the past year have been a stark reminder of the fragility of the relative peace and prosperity that we have become used to. We are reminded both of the sacrifices of previous generations, who gave so much, in some cases everything, in the hope that those who came after them could live in peace and freedom; and of those who serve in our armed forces today, who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect us from those who wish us harm.

This Sunday:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) at St Mary’s
9.30am Sung Eucharist with Junior Church at St Mary’s
10.45am Civic Act of Remembrance in front of Henley Town Hall
10.55 Act of Remembrance and Matins (BCP) at St Nicholas, Remenham
4.30pm Making a Rule of Life, at St Mary’s Rectory
5pm Henley Symphony Orchestra Concert

The service at St Nicholas Remenham will be led by the Revd Andew Cowan, curate at Holy Trinity, Henley.

This week:
Monday 14 HSO moving pews 10am (St Mary’s)  Acorn rehearsal 5pm (Chantry House)
Tuesday 15 Chantry House committee meeting 10am (Chantry House)
Eucharist 7.30pm (St Mary’s), offered for peace              
Wednesday 16 Babies & Toddlers Session 10am (Chantry House) Mothers Union 2.30pm (Chantry House)
Thursday 17 Eucharist 10.00am (St Mary’s) Making a Rule of Life 11.00am (Chantry House)
Melody Makers 6.00pm Choir Practice 7.15pm (St Mary’s)
Friday 18 Eucharist 12noon (St Mary’s) Aliquando set up and rehearsal 2pm (St Mary’s) 
Saturday 19 Aliquando Chamber Choir’s concert 7.00pm (St Mary’s), in support of the Henley Churches Debt Centre

Morning Prayer is said at St Mary’s Monday to Friday at 9am.  We have a small but growing congregation, and all are welcome to join.

Next Sunday:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) at St Mary’s
9.30am Sung Eucharist with Junior Church at St Mary’s
11.15am Sung Matins (BCP) at St Nicholas, Remenham
4pm Evening Prayer (BCP) at St Mary’s
4.30pm Making a Rule of Life, in the Chantry House


Henley Symphony Orchestra are performing in St Mary’s today at 5pm. Tickets are available from Julia Goodman by email: or by phone: 07726 459261    £20 unreserved/£8 for U16s and students.   Fliers with more details are available in church.  

Next Sunday, Hilary Jakeman, our new Traidcraft representative, will be bringing her stall after the 9.30am service, including Advent calendars. 

We are running an “extended Advent” course, based on a book “Making a Rule of Life”, by the late Fr John Gaskell. The sessions will be held in the Chantry House, on Thursday mornings at 11am after the Eucharist, repeated on Sunday afternoons at 4.30pm after Evening Prayer;
2. Private Prayer Sunday 13th November (at the Rectory)
3. Bible Reading Thursday 17th November/ Sunday 20th November 
4. Reconciliation Thursday 24th November/ Sunday 27th November
5. Giving Thursday 1st December/ Sunday 4th December
6. Guidance Thursday 8th December/ Sunday 11th December
7. Questions This session, done alone, will help you to write your own rule of life.
This should be of interest to anyone seeking to deepen their Christian life.  All are welcome – please spread the word!

‘Of Shepherds and Kings’, Saturday 19 November 7.00pm at St Mary’s.  Aliquando Chamber Choir’s concert, in aid of the newly formed Henley Churches Debt Centre (Christians Against Poverty), follows from Angel Gabriel’s message to Mary to the three Kings’ journey to find the holy child.  ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors’ by Menotti tells of the night the three Kings stop at the home of Amahl, a poor, crippled shepherd boy who lives with his widowed mother. Inspired by the tale of a kingdom “built on love alone” Amahl offers his own simple gift to the Christ Child. Tickets: reserved seats £25, unreserved £20, Under 16 free – or 578238.