The week ahead at St Mary’s – Sunday 3rd September


The week ahead at St Mary’s – Sunday 3rd September

Published: 2nd September, 2023

The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

This Sunday we continue to work our way through the narrative of the Genesis/Exodus narrative at a brisk pace: we now come to one of the most important stories of the Old Testament, the story of Moses’ encounter with God at the Burning Bush. The story is important because it occupies a pivotal place in the story of the Exodus: the point of God’s decisive intervention, and the beginning of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery. But no less significant is its status as a climactic moment of revelation, in which the Divine Name is made known. As we have heard over past Sundays, God has revealed Himself in many ways through the generations preceding Moses, but never has the Divine Name, a Hebrew word sometimes translated “I am who I am”, but also “I will be who I will be”, been shared. The Name, derived from the Hebrew verb “to be”, conveys a sense of God as pure being, a sense of God as the cause of being, someone much more than a mere local, tribal god.

This Sunday:

Please note that this Sunday sees the welcome return of Parish Breakfast at St Mary’s, from 8.35am in the Chantry House. Everyone is welcome.

8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
8.35am Parish Breakfast (Chantry House)
9.30am Sung Eucharist with Junior Church (St Mary’s)
11.15am Sung Matins (St Nicholas Remenham)
2.30pm Remenham Fayre (Remenham Parish Hall)

This week:

Tuesday 5
7.30pm Holy Eucharist, offered for the Henley Churches Debt Centre (St Mary’s)
7.45pm for 8pm Julian Meeting (Forge Cottage, Hart St)

Wednesday 6
10am BATS (Chantry House)
12noon Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)

Thursday 7
10am Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)
11am Bible Study (Chantry House)
7.30pm St Nicholas PCC (Remenham Parish Hall)
6pm Melody Makers (St Mary’s)
7.15pm Choir Practice (St Mary’s)

Friday 8
12noon Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)
5pm Wedding rehearsal (St Nicholas Remenham)

Saturday 9
3pm Wedding (St Nicholas Remenham)

Next Sunday:

Please note the slightly different pattern of services for this Sunday:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
9.30am Matins (said with hymns) (BCP) (St Mary’s)
11.15am Sung Holy Communion (BCP) (St Nicholas Remenham)
12.45pm Holy Baptism (St Mary’s)
4pm Patronal Festival Choral Eucharist (St Mary’s) – Preacher: The Revd Dr Anders Bergquist, Vicar of St John’s Wood