The week ahead at St Mary’s


The week ahead at St Mary’s

Published: 11th August, 2023

Sunday 13th August – The Tenth Sunday after Trinity

This Sunday we are introduced to the character of Joseph.  Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, we are in familiar territory: this is one of the Old Testament stories that many people still know.  The seeds of the difficulties faced by Joseph are sown by Laban in his deception of Jacob, which we heard about a couple of Sundays back: Jacob ends up with two wives, Rachel who he wanted, and Leah who he didn’t.  We are told that the Lord had compassion for Leah, and so gave her children more easily.  Children are fewer for Rachel: she gives birth only to Joseph and Benjamin, and dies following the birth of the latter.  It is perhaps unsurprising that Jacob should favour the children of the favoured wife he has lost, and yet we all know how damaging this sort of favouritism can be.  Once again, we are in territory that is both very remote from our current age and its sensibilities, and yet weirdly contemporary.  As the consequences of wrongdoing reverberate through the generations of Abraham’s descendants, we will discover in the story of Joseph that God is able to bring His loving purposes to fruition.

This Sunday

8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
9.30am Sung Eucharist (St Mary’s)
11.15am Sung Holy Communion (BCP) (St Nicholas, Remenham)
4pm Evening Prayer (BCP) (St Mary’s)

This week:

Please note the reduced pattern of services: although church will be open as usual, Morning Prayer at 9am Tuesday to Friday at St Mary’s may be less regular than usual.

Thursday 17th 10am Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)
Friday 18th 2.30pm Memorial Service for Cleone Augur (St Mary’s)

Sunday 20th August – 11th Sunday after Trinity

8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s) – celebrated by the Revd Heather Turner
9.30am Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s) – celebrated by the Revd Keith Knee-Robinson
11.15am Matins (BCP) (St Nicholas, Remenham) – led by the Revd Keith Knee-Robinson

Sunday 27th August – 12th Sunday after Trinity

8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
9.30am Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)
11.15am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Nicholas, Remenham)
All services on this Sunday will be led by the Venerable Norman Russell.