This Sunday and the week ahead at St Mary’s


This Sunday and the week ahead at St Mary’s

Published: 29th June, 2024

This Sunday we continue the story of the kings of Israel, but we have skipped over quite a lot of important action. Last Sunday we heard the story of David and Goliath; the story continues with the growing jealousy of King Saul towards David, and the intense friendship between David and Saul’s son Jonathan. Saul’s hostility forces David to leave the court and live the life of a wandering outlaw, gathering around him a group of desperate men who fight for him. Saul for his part becomes a tragic figure, rejected by the Prophet Samuel and the Lord, and he is killed with his sons by the Philistines at the Battle of Gilboa. Our Old Testament reading this Sunday tells of David’s reaction to the deaths of Saul and his beloved friend Jonathan: characteristically, David pours out his grief to the Lord in a song of lament. We are reminded that death is the horizon of each of our lives, and something that we will have to come to terms with both in our loved ones and ultimately in ourselves. But the story of the death of a king reminds us too of the Cross. God in Jesus has embraced our frailty and even our mortality and triumphed over it. The grief and sorrow of death is real, but through Jesus we can face even death with courage and hope.

This Sunday:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
8.10am Sunday Worship from St Mary’s (BBC Radio 4: )
9.30am All Age Eucharist (St Mary’s)
11.15am Sung Matins (BCP) (St Nicholas Remenham)
3pm Hymns and Pimms (St Mary’s)

This week:

7pm Henley Symphony Orchestra Social (Chantry House)

Regatta Café (Chantry House)
6pm Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)

Regatta Café (Chantry House)
12noon Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)

Regatta Café (Chantry House)
10am Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)
6pm Melody Makers (St Mary’s)
7.15pm Choir Practice (St Mary’s)

Regatta Café (Chantry House)
12noon Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s)

Regatta Café (CH)
Morning Prayer will be said at 9am Tuesday to Friday at St Mary’s

Next Sunday: Sunday July 7th ~ The Sixth Sunday after Trinity
8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
9.30am Henley Royal Regatta Service (St Mary’s)
No service at St Nicholas
No Evening Prayer at St Mary’s