This week at St Mary’s


This week at St Mary’s

Published: 8th July, 2023

This Sunday we hear the story of Isaac and Rebekah, pictured in the Flemish Tapestry above.  The story is essentially one of an arranged marriage between cousins, and is consequently alien, even offensive, to modern sensibilities; nevertheless it is a romantic story, beautifully told, and concludes with the simple statement that Isaac loved Rebekah.  The test devised by Abraham’s servant – that the right girl for Isaac would be the one who would not only say “yes” to the servant’s request for water, but would also offer to water his camels – is a discerning one: Rebekah shows herself to have a kind and generous nature in her treatment of a total stranger.  And although we will find much to criticise in the patriarchal societies described in the book of Genesis, we may also recognise that the conventions of hospitality to strangers in traditional societies sometimes put our own more educated and prosperous society to shame.

This Sunday:
8am Holy Communion (BCP)
9.30am Sung Eucharist with Holy Baptism, and Junior Church
11.15am Sung Holy Communion (BCP) (St Nicholas, Remenham)
Preacher: Debbie Bruwer, Henley Churches Debt Centre
12.30pm Holy Baptism (St Nicholas, Remenham)
4pm Evening Prayer (BCP)

This week:
Tuesday 11 7.30pm Holy Eucharist
Wednesday 12 10am Babies And Toddlers Session (Chantry House) 12 noon Holy Eucharist
Thursday 13 10am Holy Eucharist  11am Bible Study (Chantry House)
6pm Melody Makers 7.15pm Choir Practice
Friday 14 12noon Holy Eucharist
Morning Prayer will be said at 9am Tuesday to Friday