Trinity Sunday – Sunday 26th May


Trinity Sunday – Sunday 26th May

Published: 25th May, 2024

Dear friends,

This Sunday we hear two readings that emphasise the mystery of God.  The first is the extraordinary vision of Isaiah, in which the prophet describes seeing the Lord on a throne, surrounded by six-winged seraphs, and the house filled with smoke.  The second is very different: an ordinary conversation between two men, Jesus and Nicodemus; a conversation about God and humanity and life in the Spirit.  It is a rather painful conversation, as many such conversations can be: Nicodemus struggles to understand what Jesus is talking about.  Trinity Sunday is often seen as a day for mystifying and painful sermons, as preachers feel obliged to explain the inexplicable.  The rather disconcerting icon above, from the Hilandar Monastery at Mount Athos in Greece, is an example of the extreme difficulty of portraying this most mysterious, beautiful and foundational Christian doctrine.  Sometimes it is easier to speak of what the Trinity is not than to speak of what it is; this approach is sometimes called described as Apophatic.  We do not believe in three gods.  We do not believe in half-gods.  We do not believe in functional definitions of the Trinity, where we say for example that God is the Father when creating, or the Son when redeeming.  By ruling out incomplete or inadequate ways of understanding the Trinity, we may little by little get closer to the mysterious truth that is at the heart of our faith.

This Sunday:
8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
9.30am All Age Eucharist and Junior Church (St Mary’s)
11.15am Sung Holy Communion with Hymns (BCP) (St Nicholas Remenham)
4pm All Age Evensong

This week:
Fr Jeremy taking the week off for half term, so please note the reduced pattern of weekday services.
Thursday 10am Holy Eucharist (St Mary’s), followed by coffee
Friday 9am Henley Debt Centre (Chantry House)
Morning Prayer will be said at 9am Tuesday to Friday at St Mary’s

Sunday June 2nd ~ Corpus Christi/The First Sunday after Trinity

8am Holy Communion (BCP) (St Mary’s)
8.35am  Parish Breakfast (Chantry House)
9.30am Sung Eucharist (St Mary’s)
11.15am  Sung Matins (BCP) with Hymns (St Nicholas Remenham)
4pm  Evening Prayer (BCP) (St Mary’s)